Our Mission

“Productivity is never the result of luck. It always depends on excellence, smart planning and focused effort.”

Paul J. Meyer

Uzbey Textile Mission

As a company that is open to innovations, it is for you to renew ourselves every day, to follow the ever-changing technology and product quality, to meet customer demands with the quality and timely commitment, to provide customer satisfaction with the quality and fast solutions we offer.

Uzbey TextileThe aim of our company is to add value to the individuals who make up the society by adopting the principles of quality, sustainability, occupational health and safety while producing in accordance with international standards in our facilities with integrated and modern technology.

To be an exemplary organization in textile production with its production facilities sensitive to human and nature, to produce with a unique product variety at high quality standards within the scope of R&D and P&D studies, to adhere to ethical values, to ensure continuous employee and customer satisfaction, to use energy efficiency projects and to use resources effectively. to make environmentally friendly production by using it in an environmentally friendly way, to contribute to the country's economy by increasing its international market share.

Ufuk Zaman